Lafayette Estates Bronx, NY 10473

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  • 15%

  • $387,622

  • 276,873

  • Type:
  • Heating system:
  • Floors:
  • Units:
  • Stealth installed:
    November 2019

Project Background

In November 2019, Spigro Management installed the Stealth Boiler Control and Energy Management System at Lafayette Estates, a 225 unit complex with a heating system running on gas. The heating system consists of two steam boilers and two modulating zone valves, which provides much opportunity for optimization and increased efficiency.

Management opted in to our Entech Pro service, where the Stealth components and settings are monitored and tweaked by dedicated Specialists.

Energy Conservation Measures

Entech Pro Specialists implemented settings to ensure that the heat runs only when indoor and outdoor temperatures warrant it. Stealth’s Therma AI technology was applied to the valves, opening and closing them to maintain their zone’s Indoor setpoint, as well as conserve energy, using sophisticated algorithms. As valve feedback is available for these valves, the Stealth utilizes this as well for more targeted valve control.

Throughout the heating season, settings were tweaked to reduce energy consumption while responding to any on-site feedback and ensuring tenant comfort.


A usage and savings analysis based on Heating Degree Days and actual fuel bills was performed for each of the three heating seasons following the Stealth installation. Significant energy reduction and cost savings were realized, with an impressive 15% reduction in gas usage, and cumulative dollar savings of $387,622.

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