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By retrofitting your inefficiently heated building with our energy-saving tech, you’re keeping your local environment clean—and the government wants to incentivize your efforts.

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Before I signed up for the monitoring service I was not clear how you actually assist us with our heating issues during the season. I thought all I had to do was check the temperature of the building and the units and see if the building is calling for heat. Wow was I wrong. Many times I can now call and you give me insight about cycle times, and why I may be having issues with our hot water that I could not have handled on my own.

Alan ShamahShamco Management


As a manager of diverse properties, having a hardware & software solution that can handle anything is at the top of my list of requirements. Multifamily, garden style, hydronic, high-efficiency boilers, VFD pumps, Modbus, etc. Entech and the Stealth check those boxes and have developed custom solutions so we can get the max in control and savings.

Michael ZuckerJCM Living


We have Entech technology in over a dozen buildings, including both ones we own and ones we manage for 3rd parties. The product gives us invaluable insight into what is going on with our building’s heating system. Not only does it save us money on fuel consumption, but allows us to often know of a boiler problem before our tenants even are aware of the issue. Furthermore, it’s a great tool for defending ourselves from tenants who call the city with unwarranted “no heat” complaints.

Michael VinocurBuilding Equity Management


Great service. great company to work with. Customer service is excellent (setting the heat according to my specific requests, respectful and always very polite).

Ari GoldmanHager Management


I have always found Entech to be a very helpful tool in managing our properties. With dozens of buildings to manage, and many of them being rentals and coops, having a good handle on the heat always went a long way in keeping all parties happy. Besides, their service is tops.

Yossi GoldbergConey Realty


Entech is great tool for balancing the heat in Bridge Towers, a complex of multiple 200+ unit buildings. The Stealth gives us direct control of our valves, plus multiple built in features that help us keep the building comfortable. The Stealth is really a great system.

Solomon SchwimmerClipper Equity