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Control tomorrow™

Wasteful energy use leads to higher energy costs and a bloated carbon footprint. So if unregulated waste is the question, what’s the answer? Precision.

At Entech, we’re empowering building managers & owners to monitor, save, conserve, and positively impact the environment by cutting millions of gallons in fuel consumption. And at the heart of all is a complex network of unique sensors that allow for unparalleled sensitivity and control — and savings.

Where we started.

Time in history: the early ’90s. The inefficiency of most large-scale heating systems was exposed during the energy crises of the late 20th century, and our founders, who managed a large real estate portfolio, engineered an energy-smart response: remote boiler monitoring & control.

At the time, it was nothing short of revolutionary. And we’ve been staying revolutionary ever since. Over the past two decades, we’ve built increasingly sophisticated sensors and tapped into burgeoning digital technology with our cloud-based Stealth software.

Today, over 10,000 buildings are outfitted with Entech boiler controls. We’re helping clients use energy responsibly, save on fuel, and control everything with ease.

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Multifamily buildings and complexes



Office and mixed-use buildings



Production plants and manufacturing equipment

The world’s smartest boiler control system pays for itself in under a year.

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