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Whether you’re new to Entech or need help with Stealth, this guide will help you learn more about the platform and its features.

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About Stealth

What is Stealth?

Stealth is a temperature control system that intelligently controls all types of heating and cooling plants using real-time data from sensors installed in indoor units and around the boiler room. It’s Wifi-enabled, so it can remotely monitor and control your system.

Who uses Stealth?

Building managers, boiler mechanics, co-ops, landlords, superintendents, and anyone who wants the smartest boiler controls on the market in their building.

What kind of systems does Stealth support?

Stealth is suited to adapt to any kind of heating and cooling plant, including boilers, valves, cooling towers, and pumps. Stealth software is designed to personalize settings for each building.

Can Stealth be used to control HVAC?

Yes. Stealth is versatile and can easily adapt to a wide range of applications for control.

Who installs Stealth?

Stealth can be installed by any Entech certified contractor, your mechanic, or one of our in-house technicians.

Can you train my superintendent or boiler mechanic to use Stealth?

Yes! We provide contractor classes, webinar training, and 1-on-1 website tutorials to ensure everyone on your staff can take advantage of all of Stealth’s features, sensors, and data and control.

How much do I save by installing the Stealth?

Most of our clients have had 30% in fuel savings once they installed the Stealth! Try the savings calculator to see how much you can save.

Am I eligible for rebates to cover the cost of the Stealth?

The US government and utility companies are offering grants for energy-saving products. Contact us to find out how you can access this free money.

Who can access the Stealth settings?

You can oversee which users can adjust settings with admin and non-admin log-ins, and you can secure the Stealth on-site by setting up on-site passcodes.

Does Stealth come with internet service?

Yes, the Stealth comes along with free internet installation and complimentary 30 days of service!

About Entech Pro / Pro+

Do I need Entech Pro to use Stealth?

No, Entech Pro is a supplemental membership club that provides monitoring services, after-hours support, special discounts, loyalty features, and more.

What is the difference between Entech Pro & Entech Pro+?

Entech Pro+ offers everything Entech Pro has, along with an unlimited hardware warranty and next-day repair service guarantee.

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