5 minute read • July 25, 2023

Boiler Control Rebates in New York


New York has long been at the forefront of environmental sustainability, recognized for its ambitious goals and groundbreaking initiatives. As a state that understands the urgency of combating climate change and reducing carbon emissions, New York has embraced a proactive approach to energy conservation. Through an array of incentive programs and rebates, the state encourages individuals and businesses to adopt energy-efficient solutions, including the installation of smart boiler controls.

Efficient boiler controls play a vital role in optimizing energy consumption and reducing waste in heating systems. By implementing advanced control technologies, such as programmable thermostats, smart sensors, and intelligent zoning systems, boiler operations can be finely tuned to match the actual heating demands of a space. This forward-thinking approach not only minimizes energy waste but also improves comfort levels and extends the lifespan of heating equipment.

Recognizing the significant impact that smart boiler controls can have on energy conservation, the state of New York offers a range of enticing rebates to incentivize their adoption. These rebates serve as a win-win solution, benefiting both the environment and the residents or businesses that embrace energy efficiency. By taking advantage of these rebates, New Yorkers have the opportunity to reduce their energy bills, enhance indoor comfort, and contribute to the collective effort of combating climate change.

Is my building eligible for a rebate?

If your boiler runs on gas and your building is 10 or more units, then you are most likely eligible for a rebate for a boiler management system. The rebate amounts vary and often cover most of the installation. Buildings that qualify as affordable housing are eligible for larger rebates that may leave you with zero or very minimal out-of-pocket costs for your control.

How do I apply for a rebate?

Entech makes the application process easy for you. In a quick 5-minute phone call, we find out all the basic information about your building and then you sign the application. We take care of the rest of the paperwork and application process. All the nitty-gritty details are off your head.

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How long until my building is approved for a rebate?

Once Con Edison or National Grid processes the application, your building is ready for pre-inspection. The utility will either send their survey team to the site or conduct a virtual inspection via pictures and videos. They will confirm the building size, boiler type, and existing heating control. After the inspection is complete, they will notify you of approval and issue a commitment letter.

What happens after I am approved?

Next is the exciting part! An Entech rep will be in touch with you to schedule a date and dispatch a crew for the installation. Included in the installation of the Stealth, our cutting-edge AI-integrated control, is a network of sensors that will outfit your building with a smart boiler room. At the close of the job, the crews implement the ideal settings for your property and set up your account, so you can immediately begin experiencing the Stealth features and gas savings!

Con Edison or National Grid will then post-inspect the installation and finalize the rebate.


New York’s rebate program for boiler controls showcases its strong commitment to energy conservation. By offering financial incentives, the state encourages the adoption of energy-efficient technologies, promoting sustainability, reducing energy waste, and combating climate change. As New York continues to champion clean energy practices, these rebates  highlight its dedication to creating a greener and more environmentally conscious society. Take advantage of this win-win solution, benefiting both the environment and yourself. Contact us to learn more.

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