5 minute read • November 21, 2022

Pinpoint the Heat Concerns in your Tenants’ Apartment


So you just got off the phone from another tenant with a heat complaint. Why is this happening? You work hard to ensure they are happy and comfortable with the heat. But for some reason, they’re not. What can you do to improve this? Here we compiled a checklist that you can use to help you pinpoint the cause of the heat issue.

1 Check if the Heat is On

Before going down to the unit, you want to verify if the heat is running. This is very easy if you have a smart boiler control installed, such as the Stealth. You can simply log in to the app and check the boiler runtime and return temperature. If the boiler is running, but the tenant is not feeling the heat, it’s a good idea to go and check out the unit. If the boiler is not running enough or the return temperatures are not rising enough, then the heat settings should probably be raised.

2 Check for Open Windows

Believe it or not, your tenant might not realize they have an open window someplace allowing the cool air from outside to sail right in the apartment and make them feel cold. The window might be open by just a small crack, but that is enough to change the temperature in the apartment. Look out for the hard to reach windows which are easier for your tenant to miss. This step may sound so basic, but many tenants are not aware to look out for this.

3 Check for Drafty Windows

Another common cause for a cold apartment would be drafty windows. A window with an air conditioner installed can very likely be the cause for this. It is best to remove the AC units from the windows for the winter to eliminate this issue. If that is not possible, then make sure the area around the air conditioner is properly sealed to avoid any drafts. In general, check to make sure the rest of the windows are sealed properly so the heat can work most efficiently.

4 Are the Radiators Working?

The radiators are the source of heat in the apartment so you want to make sure they are operating properly. Are the radiator valves open? Yes, double check this because it’s possible your tenant didn’t realize they need to open it to feel the heat! Is there any furniture blocking the radiators? Also, check that when the heat is on, the radiator is actually getting hot. If not, this would need to be assessed by a mechanic or plumber to determine why the steam from the boiler is not reaching the radiator.

5 Are Any Radiators Missing?

Look around and check if any radiators were once removed from the apartment. When the engineers designed the heating systems, they installed a certain amount of radiators to adequately heat the space. If a radiator is missing, it’s very possible that your tenant is feeling it.

6 Apartment Location

Sometimes the location of an apartment can be the issue. Does this apartment have an exposed outer wall or is it a corner apartment which makes it more susceptible to the elements? Is there a problem with this area or line of apartments in general such as it being furthest from the boiler so the heat takes longer to reach it?

If after going through this thorough checklist you do not encounter any problems, you may want to speak with your tenant to see what else could be going on. Each person feels temperature differently, and your tenant may not be aware that the actual temps in the unit are considered quite warm. By opening a line of communication, your tenant will feel understood and that the concern was addressed. To further aid your quest in providing a comfortable experience for your residents, installing an indoor apartment sensor, like the ones compatible with the Entech stealth, can help you track the actual temperatures and see if you need to take further steps.


Dealing with heat complaints can be stressful. We hope with this list you will be able to enter the apartment with clarity and find the root of the problem easily. Then you can reach a solution, resolve the issue quickly, and most importantly have a tenant who is smiling!

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