4 minute read • July 27, 2022

How to save on building boiler costs with today’s high prices


Inflation//a general and ongoing rise in the level of prices in an entire economy

This is the 2022 buzz word everyone is talking about and most people are wondering about the impact it will have on them. There are many things you can do to limit its effect, but as a building owner or manager, one of your first steps to save money would be making sure you have a smart boiler control.


Record High Gas Prices

Well, one of the first places getting hit by inflation is rising gas prices. We all feel the pain at the pump when filling up our cars and paying three times the amount we were paying a short while back. Obviously, the gas bills for running the boiler are going to be triple the amount too! Ouch. The basic thing you can do to lower your gas costs by over 30% would be to install a smart control like the Entech Stealth. With its strategic sensors and brilliant technology, it ensures you are giving the right amount of heat to your building without overheating. Yes – you can really save thousands of dollars on gas by installing a smart boiler control. Case studies have proven that after installing the Entech Stealth, buildings have saved tremendously on gas!

Save on Rising Prices

The market today feels very unstable and prices are increasing from week to week. A delay in ordering expensive parts can cost you more than what you would have paid a short while earlier. With a boiler control that alerts you of on-site issues right away, you are likely to get ahead of rising costs by having repairs taken care of as soon as possible.

Save with Monitoring

A smart boiler control is connected to the internet to allow you to monitor and keep an eye on what’s going on. Watching the boiler runtime, water loss, and apartment temperatures can add up to significant savings by giving you the tools to pick up on issues before they escalate. Let’s say you have an underground leak and you’re losing hundreds of  gallons of water daily. You would get notified right away so you can take care of the leak quickly and save money on the wasted water.

Save Money by Avoiding Violations

With higher prices on just about everything, you want to minimize tenant complaints which may result in violations. With penalties and fines potentially on the rise, keeping tenants comfortable will be a high priority. A smart heating control with indoor sensors will do the trick to make sure everyone is satisfied and avoid violations. It will also prevent you from infractions related to high and low domestic hot water by alerting you of any issues on-site. You can take care of the problem before the tenant even knows about it.


So, bottom line, a great way to stretch your dollar is by making sure your boiler control is top notch! Save thousands of dollars on record high gas prices, getting things repaired quickly, monitoring and avoiding violations. Need help choosing the right control? Contact us to find out how we can help you out.

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