4 minute read • February 1, 2023

Heating Solutions for Co-ops


Few co-op issues generate as much concern as the building’s heat and hot water. This means that whether you’re a board member responsible for ensuring all members are  happy, or simply a resident who wants to make sure the building is sufficiently warm, everyone needs to make sure the boiler system is running well. When a Co-op installs a smart boiler control, all residents benefit.

Lower Maintenance Fees

A smart boiler control can make a big difference in the building maintenance fees, which is definitely an area that shareholders care about. These fees vary from co-op to co-op and it‘s common to have higher maintenance fees in the winter to cover fuel heating costs. The issue here is twofold; residents want comfortable heat, but at the same time they want lower fees. 

Co-ops are constantly brainstorming ways to save on gas costs but those methods often do not keep residents happy. It’s not uncommon for a shareholder to voice the following: “The co-op my mother lives in, in Queens, has a unique way of saving on heating expenses. The heat is shut off completely at night. Nine hours a day the building is heated—while my mother constantly complains she is cold in her apartment. Is this efficient climate control?” On the flip side, when the building is overheated, it’s uncomfortable and leads to high gas bills resulting in higher maintenance fees.  “My co-op has radiators that do not have heat controls. The heat can only be turned on or off by the maintenance staff. We were told we can either have it on or off. There is no middle ground. The heat is unbearable.”

So what is the solution? A smart temperature control for your boilers.

This includes indoor sensors throughout the building, an outdoor sensor and multiple boiler room sensors that will guide the boiler to provide the right amount of heat. Heat will be provided at the times when it’s really needed so it does not run more than necessary. This results in saving big on fuel costs and keeping maintenance fees down. Residents are comfortable and satisfied on both ends. It’s been proven that after installing Stealth, buildings saved over 32% in fuel costs! The following is a statement from a board president after installing a  Stealth. “Entech has helped us reduce our oil use considerably by running in response to actual apartment conditions, not a pre-programmed time for running. I would recommend Entech to any building still running a comprehensive boiler for the whole place”

Monitoring Tools for the Board

This argument occurs repeatedly with each board member coming to the meetings with their own version of how the heat is running. One claims they only feel the heat in the morning, while another claims his apartment is overheated all the time. A third member complains that his bedroom is always freezing and his living room is the only warm place in his apartment! What is going on? Gain insight into what is happening with a smart control like the Stealth. With individuals having their own experience and opinion, the Stealth helps bridge the gap and brings real data to the table so everyone gains clarity. Board members can log-in to the website or app and easily view the apartment temperatures, boiler runtimes, cycles, hot water temperatures, and everything else relevant to heating operations. This will enable them to have a handle on any complaints, balancing issues, boiler malfunctions, hot water irregularities or any other concerns. As quoted from one of our board members, “My better understanding of the system allows me to communicate more clearly with my neighbors. Better communication is the key to peace between neighbors!”

Improve Energy Efficiency

Co-ops are in a tight spot now with the Climate Mobilization Act that requires buildings to reduce their carbon emissions 40% by 2030 or face stiff fines. Building owners and managers are faced with a dilemma, as they need to run the boilers adequately within legal heating requirements, to keep all units at 68 degrees and at the same time reduce carbon emissions. With talk of raising the legal indoor threshold to 70 degrees, things may just be getting tighter. Current fines for not complying with the temperature regulations are $250 to $500 per day for each initial heat or hot water violation and $500 to $1,000 per day for each subsequent violation at the same building. Owners need an answer to LL97 with a way to avoid heat complaints and violations. The Stealth provides an Eco-friendly way of saving on energy and carbon emissions without compromising on indoor temperatures. 


Ready for a solution to Co-op heating problems? A smart boiler control is the way to go. This allows co-ops to comply with energy laws, while running the heat properly. Remote monitoring further enables you to stay on top of what is going on onsite. As an added bonus, residents are more comfortable with the heat and save on maintenance fees.  Contact us to find out how we can help you with your co-op today.

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