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The Benefits Of Gas Usage Consumption Reports: Empower Your Property Management With Entech


As a forward-thinking landlord, you understand the importance of leveraging energy data to optimize your property management practices. At Entech, we are committed to empowering building-owners like you by offering detailed gas and oil usage consumption reports tailored to the Heating Degree Days (HDD) per season. In this blog, we will explore how these reports can revolutionize your management strategies and showcase the unique advantages of partnering with Entech.

What Are Gas Consumption Reports?

A gas usage consumption report for boiler usage provides detailed information about the gas or oil consumption associated with operating boilers of a specific property. This report typically outlines the amount of therms (measure of heat energy) used over a given period, such as monthly or annually, and may cover multiple boilers within the building. These reports are generally based on the HDD per season so you get an accurate picture of each season’s fuel usage and savings.

What Are Heating Degree Days?

Degree days are based on the fact that when the outside temperature is 65°F, it is not necessary to have heating or cooling to be comfortable. Heating degree days are calculated as how much colder the mean temperature at a location is than 65°F on a given day. For example, if a location experiences a mean temperature of 55°F on a certain day, there were 10 HDD that day because 65 – 55 = 10. Entech takes the HDD “rating” from each day and incorporates it with the fuel usage to accurately compare seasonal usage based on how cold each year is.

Importance of Gas Usage Consumption Reports:

    Accurate Budgeting: Gas consumption reports provide landlords with a clear understanding of how much gas is being used in their properties. This information allows for accurate budgeting, enabling landlords to allocate funds appropriately for utility expenses.

    Energy Efficiency: Monitoring gas usage through consumption reports helps identify patterns and anomalies that could indicate energy inefficiencies. By analyzing these reports, building-owners can identify areas for improvement, implement energy-saving measures, and reduce overall consumption and utility costs.

Gas Usage Consumption Reports with Entech

Entech offers more than standard gas usage monitoring. Our specialized gas usage consumption reports offer building-owners that have a Stealth control, a range of benefits that are unparalleled in the industry. The clients just need to send their gas bills for the time-frame the consumption report will be created for and the Entech Pro Specialists take it from there:

Tailored Insights for Efficient Resource Management:

Our Entech Pro specialists analyze gas usage data from your properties and generate detailed reports specifically customized to your property. These reports outline gas usage per HDD, monetary and therm savings. They also include ROI on the Stealth control. This data unveils valuable insights into energy inefficiencies, helping you optimize resource management, reduce utility costs, and enhance overall profitability.

Proactive Problem Identification and Resolution:

By combining the information from gas usage patterns with advanced monitoring analytics, our Entech Pro specialists pinpoint anomalies, such as leaks or high boiler runtime to ensure the boiler is running efficiently. Timely interventions minimize cost of repairs and provide peace of mind to both landlords and tenants.

What Is The Difference Between Gas And Oil Consumption Reports?

Consumption reports for both gas and oil are created the same way. The price of oil is significantly higher than gas so the potential savings with a good boiler control is greater in buildings that use oil, though keep in mind that proportionally the fuel bills are also higher. 

In buildings where they switch from oil to gas mid-season there will be a significantly lower price for the months that gas was used. To check the gallons of oil used in therms you can convert them using this tool. Converting the oil usage to therms would streamline the gas and oil usage measurement for an accurate comparison.

How Much Time Is Normal For ROI On A Boiler Control?

If the fuel savings you get from a boiler control pays back the expense of the entire installation of the control within 3 years then you did very well! This means going forward from that point you are getting Return On Investment (ROI) and the cumulative savings is proving that it was worth it to install the control. When installing the Stealth boiler control, ROI is typically seen within a year or two with average savings of approximately 15%-30%. EntechPro Specialists have started including ROI in some gas consumption reports. To install a Stealth today contact us so we can help you save!

Can I Get a Consumption Report of Gas Usage Using Estimated Bills?

You can get an estimated consumption report when you have estimated gas bills. This is not completely accurate and is therefore not always helpful in determining usage and efficiency. Once you receive the corrected gas bills you can get a real consumption report if you have each month’s usage. Keep in mind that even once you get the corrected readings, it is often not detailed enough with the monthly usage to help get an accurate gas usage consumption report. It is advisable to try getting actual readings to enable you to get a proper consumption report.


Gas usage consumption reports play a vital role in assisting landlords with budgeting and promoting energy efficiency. Entech Pro specialists can offer you accurate data collection, professional report generation, and tailored recommendations. These reports provide valuable insights and empower you to make informed decisions. When gas usage consumption reports become a part of the landlord’s toolkit it can lead to improved efficiency, tenant satisfaction, and a greener future. Experience the power of Entech and embrace a future where data-driven decision-making becomes the cornerstone of your property management success!

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